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Preteen Nudists
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Preteen Nudists


Related article: Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 17:46:25 -0600
From: John Drysdale
Subject: He was My Step BrotherThis story is dedicated to Ryan, with whom I am deeply in love with. It
was he that allowed me to accept the fact and admit to myself that I am a
boy lover.Disclaimer: If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal in your
area to read erotic sex acts between boys and men, please leave, and read
no further. Otherwise enjoy this story.He was my Step BrotherMy Dad got remarried to a lady who helped him out when he had his
cerebral hemmorage in 1970 something, I don't remember exactly when. This
lady had a son, who was very cute and good looking too. His name was
David. He was 16 years old.I was living with my Dad after I dropped out of Vocational school, and
was 19 years old by now. The day I met David was a memorable one to say
the least. I fell in love with that boy. For those who read the story of
my experiences in the foster home in "Discovering John", you will know by
now I am an avid boy lover.My stepmom's name was Mona, and I called her that, as she didn't feel
like a mom to me, as My parents were divorced. She introduced me to David
one day."John, I want you to meet my son, David"."Hi David""Hi John! Do you live here?""Oh sometimes, where do you live?""In Duluth with my Grandma.""Well thats nice. Hey! you wanna do something, like hangout or whatever?""Yeah! Can I Mom?""Sure David, You go right ahead." said Mona."Al right! What do you want to do, John? Want to go down to Lake Street
and see whats going on down there?""Sure, c'mon Dave. You don't mind if I call you Dave do you? David is for
squares, and I can see you're not one of those!""No problem John. So we're kinda like brothers huh?""Yup, I guess so, I never had a younger brother before, except at the
foster home. Welcome to the family!"Dave and I walked down to Lake Street and as we walked he played 20
questions, and I tried to answer them as truthfully as I could. He was a
fun 16 year old, and I loved doing things with him. We took a lot of
walks that summer, him and I, but there was one time we did something
that would chage our lives forever.We had a neighbor upstairs above my Dad's place and they had a little boy
who needed babysitting so I volunteered to baby sit. I thought maybe I
could get to know the little kid better since I like little boys. But I
was wrong as usual. When I got up there he was already in bed, so I just
sat down on the couch to read a magazine.My brother Dave was bored downstairs, so he came up to visit me. We found
some porno magazines laying around up there, so he started reading them.
Next thing you know, hes laying on the couch, undoing his pants. Says
he's horny. I just looked at him, and I said well go ahead, do what ever."You don't mind if I jerk off in front of you?""Hey knock your self out!"Would it bother me, hell yes, but would I tell him that? I was so in love
with this boy, it made my heart Preteen Nudists sing. Finally I couldn't stand it
anymore."David, there is something I gotta tell you man! Please don't be mad at
me, but I'm gay, and with you Preteen Nudists sitting there jerking on your cock, it is the fact is...well Damn it David I want to suck it for
you!" There I said it, now we will see if he will take me up on it or
not."You do? Have you ever done it before?""Well with little boys, but not with anyone your size." and his size was
huge for a 16 year old. At least 7 inches!"Well ok, but only if I can suck yours. Just to see what it taste like."I went over to the couch and started stroking his rod, slowly and
deliberately, my mouth watering. I put my mouth on his cock, and sucked
it. God I was in sex heaven. I could hear him moaning as I sucked him. He
was really enjoying himself. He started writhing on the couch, and
raising his hips to meet my mouth. I could feel his balls tighten as he
as nearing his orgasm."Oh JOHN! that feels soooo gooood! Please don't stop!"Stop! Who said anything about stopping. I was hungry for this boy's meat,
and I wasn't stopping until I got fed! My own cock was bursting at the
door of my jeans, as I wanted to free it, but I was more intersted in
getting David his joy.I kept sucking, and I stuck a finger up his hot ass, and as I hit the
magic button, he let go with a Preteen Nudists
blast of boy cream into my mouth."Oh John III'mmm CCCCCCCCuuuuummmmin! Oh God, oooohhhhhhhhhh" and he
fell limp in my arms, breathing heavily, and panting."Ok John, now its your turn. You swallowed? I couldn't do that, make sure
you let me know when you cum Preteen Nudists ok?""Ok Dave," I saidI got my pants down in no time, and lay down on the Preteen Nudists couch. I know it
wouldn't take me long to cum because I was so ready!! David swallowed my
cock, and sucked on it and licked my balls, and licked the head. God, I
can't believe this is happening, I am so in love with this boy. I was
ready to cum, and knew I couldn't hold back. I wanted to cum in David's
mouth, but I promised him I would tell him."Dave, Immmm gooonnna cum. You want to ooooooooooo, let up sosooooooooooo
You don't get a mouth ful?"He took his mouth off my cock, and jerked me off to a rip roaring climax,
like none I've ever had before!"OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh David!!!! God III'MMMMMMMMM
CCCCCCCCCuuuuuuuuuuummming!!!!!!!!!! That feels sooooooooooo
goooooooood!!!!"as blast after blast of my 19 year old boy cream spilled
all over my stomach, and chest, and some got on David, as he smiled at
me."Did you like that?""Did I Ilike that? Of course you little shit. God where did you learn
that technique.""From you Big Brother"David and I shared the secret after that first time, and we volunteered
to babysit a lot after that. David went home at the end of the summer,
and I will never forget our first time together.

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